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How Does Your Site Stack Up – Part 1: User Interface Standards

Before starting the design of your website it is important to review the current Web environment so that your site is accessible to most visitors and so that your message doesn’t become lost.

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Screen Capture and Sharing Tool

Who would have thought that Techsmith would provide a tool that makes static and video screen captures so easy and efficient to share? Well they have. Introducing Jing!

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Adding Linked Captions to Images in WordPress

Have you figured out how to include a linked copyright notice or photo credit in the caption of an image? Have you tried to find a plugin to help with this? Had any luck? If so, let me know. If not, don’t worry, you’re not alone. So, what can a non-developer do? This post covers one solution that isn’t the most elegant but it gets the job done.

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Auto Thickbox Plugin by Semiologic

In my search for a WordPress plugin to add a thickbox image pop-up I found Auto Thickbox by Denis de Bernardy with Semiologic. The plugin works great and is customizable enough to cover my needs. This how-to video shows you it in action.

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Web Design Color Considerations

We create a website for a reason; to get a message across, to share one’s interests, to promote services or products. It is important, then, to ensure we get this message across by making simple decisions when it comes to the use of color and its impact on guests that may have varying forms of color blindness.

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Make your Twitter POP with themeleon!

themeleon from COLOURlovers makes your Twitter page pop by removing the need for a graphics program to create a truly creative background and color scheme to personalize your page to reflect “What’s Happening” with you.

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