Logos & Other Graphics

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When building a new business or service a well designed logo and branding approach is very important.  Unless you are a talented graphic artist, you are best finding someone that is.  A logo designed by a friend that dabbles or something created with a basic paint program will not illicit a professional opinion of your site.  Getting a good looking graphic that properly conveys your business doesn’t have to be expensive.  Check out some of these sites, and there likely are many more.

GraphicBurger has some nice reusable logo designs as well as many other graphic elements that you may find useful.  They not only have creative items that they sell, but many times they have some that are free.

Fiverr is a site that brings together a lot of graphic artists.  I haven’t used them as yet but like the concept.

Graphic Artists Guild is an organization supporting graphic artists.  As an offshoot of this, they supply a Graphic Artists Guild Member Portfolio listing to visistors.  This is yet another great way to find a graphic artist, and maybe for a more long term relationship.

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