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WEBphysiology is the web development and delivery arm of JVHM, Inc.  The goal of WEBphysiology is to bring singularity of image across the anatomy of an organization’s Web presence. This can be as simple as creating a Twitter background or starting from scratch and designing a website, Facebook and/or Twitter presence.

WEBphysiology is well versed with the WordPress publication engine and employ its might in the development of websites, whether or not the organization will be incorporating the power of a blog in their design. There are many benefits to building a site on top of the WordPress platform: more bang-for-the-buck, easier site maintenance by the end-user, ability to incorporate the SEO power of a blog, availability of feature enhancing plugins….

WEBphysiology’s services include a range of offerings from website development, SEO implementation/enhancement, Facebook Page setup and development, Twitter setup and background branding, blog integration, Google Analytics setup, RSS setup, online training video production and more.

We’d love to pull together your Internet presence now, so don’t delay, give us a call or drop us a note today!

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