WordPress Site Backup / Copy

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As a means to both track what I’m finding and share this I wanted to point out some WordPress plugins that are available for regularly backing up your WordPress site as well as making copies, for instance, if you are doing local development and needing to now push it to a host or bringing down an existing site to a local instance to do development.

Backup Plugins

BackWPup – I use this on a client’s multisite installation and find it consistently performs without flaw.  It will backup the database, and any files and folders I select.  I use the feature to then push this backup to an Amazon S3 bucket.  Works great!  The only other item I wished it had was the ability to specify to keep more than just n files, like keep n files plus last file of the month for n months.

Updraft Plus – I’ve just installed this plugin on this website to try it out.  I may flip it to BackWPup later but thought I’d give it a try.  Again, this plugin allows backing up to Amazon S3.  I also see that it has a Clone/Migrate option, which I’ve not investigated.  After performing a manual backup I’d say the one thing it does that I don’t like is chopping the backup into more than one file.  It also doesn’t manage these files within a sub-directory in the bucket I specified.  All the other similar plugins will create a folder within the bucket, which is great if you use the bucket for other things.  Okay – going to flip to BackWPup 🙂

Automatic WordPress Backup – I was using this plugin on WEBphysiology.com but just deactivated it (June 2017) in place of BackWPup.  It was still working and I really didn’t have any issues but decided that since it hadn’t been updated in over 2 – 7 years, depending upon what value you believed on the plugin page, that I should flip to a currently supported plugin.

Migrate / Clone Plugins

I’ve not looked at these but just recording them for possible future use and to share with others.


All-in-One WP Migration

WP Clone

Updraft Plus – As noted above, I did see a Clone/Migrate option in this plugin but didn’t investigate.

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