Auto Thickbox Plugin by Semiologic

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Recently I was looking to update one of my websites to incorporate a feature that, when a user clicks an image or a link, would pop a window to display the image at full size. The typical term for this feature is “thickbox”. It’s a great look and also has the added benefit of keeping a user from navigating to another page.

So, the search was on. I had looked in the past and not come across a plugin that I liked. This time, though, I stumbled upon a plugin by Denis de Bernardy of Semiologic. The plugin is named Auto Thickbox. How easy is it to install and use? Very! There are no settings involved, you just add the plugin and activate it. You then have the ability, through the WordPress Advanced Image settings screen, to exclude an image from using the thickbox plugin or to break up post galleries into more than one thickbox gallery.

To see how this plugin is used, check out this video that we threw together. If you don’t know how to install a plugin in your WordPress powered website, we’ve got an instructional video that will help you out.


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