Fake Twitter Followers – How Do You Rate?

Throngs of People

photo by James Cridland

I came across a rather interesting Fake Twitter Followers Infographic (graphic was hosted on Fotopedia which shut down on 2014-08-10) that displays data around the number of fake followers that are comprised within celebrities, businesses, politicians and others’ Twitter follower roll.  I guess those with a lot of followers maybe get a lot of spam followers or they are using Continue reading

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Where has the Facebook View App Profile Page Link Gone?!?

Facebook View App Profile PageFacebook is on the move again.  They definitely keep things very interesting, to put it nicely.

I received a call this evening from a nice gentleman in Atlanta who was beside himself because he was trying to add a custom Facebook Page Tab to his Facebook Page and not having any luck.  He’d been at it for two days.  He made it through one of my videos only to get to the end and not see the nice link in the sidebar that reads “View App Profile Page”.  This was the link that would then allow you to add the application to any Facebook Page that you administer.  My initial response to adding the Facebook Page Tab was, Continue reading

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Create a Google+ Company Page

Now that Google+ is in a wider release, and open to business accounts, I’ve decided to jump on board and create some pages.  They aren’t anything spectacular but my feeling is that the more touch points one has on the web the better.  This said, it is important Continue reading

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Facebook to Require HTTPS on iFrame Page Tab Apps

That’s right, another change for your Facebook Page.  If you are using an iFrame Application to host a Page Tab, beginning October 1, 2011, your Facebook Page Tab will disappear if you are not securely serving the content.  With the recent changes going on at Facebook it was decided to Continue reading

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Savvy Online Search Techniques

I came across an article recently that touched on several aspects of using search engines in our everyday life and how that process can be both more efficient and also provide you with Continue reading

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Creating a Facebook iFrame Application

REMEMBER: October 1, 2011 marks the requirement that Facebook Canvas and Page Tab Apps support secure URLs (i.e., HTTPS). Read more about Facebook Security Changes.

Previously we published a video covering how to Create a Facebook Page.  In order to utilize a Facebook iFrame Application you will need a Continue reading

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TimThumb Vulnerability Uncovered

About two weeks ago a vulnerability in a PHP plugin that is quite popular in performing image resizing tasks, and that I’d incorporated into my WEBphysiology Portfolio Plugin, was uncovered. I found out based upon an email that came out of my local WordPress Meetup group. The issue had to do with Continue reading

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Put a Facebook Send or Like Button on Your Posts with Code

On April 25, 2011, Facebook released the [Send] button. The [Send] button provides a means to share a web page with someone directly, as opposed to the [Like] button’s behavior of placing the entry on your wall for all your friends. Of course, the [Like] button is handy too. Fortunately Continue reading

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Obfuscating Email Addresses


I’ve long held that putting a plain text email on a website is not a good idea. Even with being careful like this I’m inundated with a large amount of Spam. While I don’t put my email address online in a plain text fashion, and preach the same to others, I’m not always afforded Continue reading

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The History of WordPress

Apologies – It would appear that this infographic is no longer available – 2012/08/04

Here’s a very cool synopsis of the history of WordPress as well as just how much of a force it is in today’s blogging and CMS world. WordPress truly is king. The only question is whether it will be manageable given the astounding number of plugins and themes available. My expectation, given the product enhancement path I’ve experienced, is an astounding Yes. My recommendation Continue reading

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