Fake Twitter Followers – How Do You Rate?

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Throngs of People

photo by James Cridland

I came across a rather interesting Fake Twitter Followers Infographic (graphic was hosted on Fotopedia which shut down on 2014-08-10) that displays data around the number of fake followers that are comprised within celebrities, businesses, politicians and others’ Twitter follower roll.  I guess those with a lot of followers maybe get a lot of spam followers or they are using questionable tactics to build their base of followers.

I decided to check out my WEBphysiology Twitter account for how “real” my followers are by using the Fakers tool from People Status.  I was extremely pleased to see that I scored very high, with 97% of my followers being legitimate, active Twitter accounts, 0% being fake and 3% being inactive Twitter accounts.  Thank you to my followers for being real!

My personal Twitter account, though with many fewer followers and rarely used, didn’t score too bad.  I have 0% fake followers, 18% are inactive and 82% are legit.  I’m happy with those figures as many more of my followers are real than those following Ashton Kutcher.  Ashton came in with 29% fake, 45% inactive and only 26% good.

So, why are my number of followers so legit?  Probably because I don’t instantly follow back those who follow me.  This cuts down on the spam followers.  Also, I don’t think any of my accounts are listed as a suggested follow when someone creates a Twitter account.  Ashton, on the other hand, probably is listed. 🙂

Anyway, interesting Infographic and tool and worth a peek.  As I suggest with any SEO tool, and life in general, honesty is the best policy.  Build your ranks with insightful, useful information and you’ll do well.

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