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Fake Twitter Followers – How Do You Rate?

I came across a rather interesting Fake Twitter Followers Infographic (graphic was hosted on Fotopedia which shut down on 2014-08-10) that displays data around the number of fake followers that are comprised within celebrities, businesses, politicians and others’ Twitter follower roll.  I guess those with a lot of followers maybe get a lot of spam followers or they are using

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Facebook to Require HTTPS on iFrame Page Tab Apps

That’s right, another change for your Facebook Page.  If you are using an iFrame Application to host a Page Tab, beginning October 1, 2011, your Facebook Page Tab will disappear if you are not securely serving the content.  With the recent changes going on at Facebook it was decided to

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Creating a Facebook iFrame Application

REMEMBER: October 1, 2011 marks the requirement that Facebook Canvas and Page Tab Apps support secure URLs (i.e., HTTPS). Read more about Facebook Security Changes. Previously we published a video covering how to Create a Facebook Page.  In order to utilize a Facebook iFrame Application you will need a

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Put a Facebook Send or Like Button on Your Posts with Code

On April 25, 2011, Facebook released the [Send] button. The [Send] button provides a means to share a web page with someone directly, as opposed to the [Like] button’s behavior of placing the entry on your wall for all your friends. Of course, the [Like] button is handy too. Fortunately

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Keywords Make the Difference for Your Blog

It is important to become knowledgeable with regard to selecting keywords that align with your content and will drive traffic to your site. Just don’t go so keyword crazy that your message suffers. This article will inform you of resources and techniques of which you should be aware.

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