WEBphysiology Portoflio Plugin Released!

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WEBphysiology Portfolio WordPress Plugin

WEBphysiology Portfolio

Hoorah!  We now have a much better understanding and appreciation for all those developers who have shared their work with us and others.  As of today, our first publicly available WordPress plugin, WEBphysiology Portfolio, has been released via the WordPress Plugin infrastructure.  It took awhile to work through the process, in addition to coding and testing the plugin, but we are very happy to join this community and feel good about giving back just a little.

If you need an expanded-list style portfolio for your WordPress site, or a different kind of image gallery, please take a look at what we’ve just released.  It is the same plugin we are using on our Portfolio and Plugin pages here on WEBphysiology.com. While this definitely is an effort we undertook as an aside, we’ll try and keep it defect free and, as time permits, try and make some minor improvements.

More details about this plugin can be found on our WEBphysiology Portfolio plugin page or on our WordPress Hosted Plugin page.

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