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Keep You Website SafeI’m sure many of you have some sort of backup process that you follow for your WordPress powered websites but, if you don’t, there is a great plugin that you can utilize to ensure that, if a catastrophe were to beseech you, that you could recover from it. If you do have a back-up process I’d still recommend that you check out the awesome Automatic WordPress Backup plugin by Dan Coulter.

All of the websites I build have a backup process in place but, up until now, it has been a mix of an automated database backup along with a manual backing up of the actual website files. This is very tedious and lends itself to holes as one may not get around to performing the manual backup. While it is true that most web hosting providers are performing backups, these are only meant to restore a web server should a catastrophe befall it. It does not cover for issues where a web designer makes a change that results in bringing down or otherwise hobbling the site he is working on. It also doesn’t cover for an editor deleting a Post or making some other configuration change that causes irreversable damage to the site or its content.

I was extremely happy when I stumbled onto the Automatic WordPress Backup plugin because now I can put in place a fully automated backup process. This plugin will back up your database and then copy the database backup file, along with the physical website files, to an Amazon Web Services S3 (Simple Storage Services) storage facility. If you aren’t aware of this Amazon service it is an extreme value, easy to set up and a great facility for storing and sharing data in the cloud.

So, if you are looking for a great backup process, check out the Automatic WordPress Backup plugin by Dan Coulter.

To see how this backup process is all pulled together, check out this instructional video:


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