Creating a Facebook Page

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Creating a Facebook Page for your organization is fairly easy.  You first will need a Facebook account.  The Facebook Terms of Service are such that you are only allowed to have one Facebook account.  This is fine as the Facebook Page doesn’t reflect the account with which it is associated.  I’ve created a short video on the process to follow in creating a Facebook Page.


For those who prefer to reference a step-by-step list, here are the steps to take to create your Facebook Page:

  1. The easiest way to add a page to your Facebook account is to navigate to the Facebook Page management screen,, and click on the “Create a Page” link or button.
  2. Now specify what the purpose of the pageusing the radio buttons and related drop down list.
  3. Give your page a name.  Typically this is your website or business name.
  4. If appropriate, check the box indicating that you are an official representative of the company.
  5. Click the button

At this point you now have a page.  From here you can adjust the profile of the page or the info.  The info is edited from, you guessed it, the “Info” tab.  Uploading a logo or other image will further define this page and help brand it with your organization’s look.  Also, removing tabs that you won’t be utilizing will further polish the presentation.

Now that you have a Facebook Page check out the Post and video on Adding a Custom Facebook Static FBML Tab to your page.

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