WEBphysiology Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

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The WEBphysiology.com Affiliate Program is our way to thank those of you who send business in our direction. Through this Program you can earn commissions for visitors that you send to our site via a link or banner that you place on your site, or in an email, that results in the visitor placing an order or otherwise doing business with us.

WEBphysiology.com is the branding used by JVHM, Inc. for online related products and services. For the purposes of any dealings you have with us, you may consider WEBphysiology.com, or any derivative thereof, to be akin to JVHM, Inc. Any Agreements entered into with WEBphysiology.com will be Agreements entered into with JVHM, Inc. Any commission payments made will be made by JVHM, Inc. WEBphysiology.com is not a legal entity but simply a branding of JVHM, Inc.

How Does This Program Work?

Once you sign up for the Affiliate Program you will have access to banners and link code that you may place on your website or in an email. If a visitor to WEBphysiology.com hits our site because they clicked on one of these affiliate links, a cookie will be placed in their browser such that we know who the referrer was when they land on our site. Any sales associated with this visitor that are initiated within 60 days of their first visit to our site will result in a commission to you.

Please note that banners and other media provided to you, or located on our website or in our emails, are copyrighted by JVHM, Inc. and may not be used in any manner not approved within this Agreement or in any way not related to the WEBphysiology Affiliate Program without the prior consent of JVHM, Inc.

How Much Will You Make?

We currently pay out 10% commissions on gross revenues from orders placed or projects initiated during the 60 day period from the referred visitor’s first visit to our website.

How Can You Promote Affiliate Links?

  • You may utilize either the banners or text links that we provide through our Affiliate center. You may promote these on any sites that you own.
  • You may include affiliate links in articles that you write for other sites, provided you first get permission from that site’s owner or administrator.
  • You may include affiliate links in other marketing materials, such as, newsletters, opt-in emails or emails to friends, family, business or other contacts provided your emails are conservatively not classified as spam.
  • You may include affiliate links in Social Media tools provided such media is not classified as spam and does not result in actions that are against the terms of that network or tool.

What Can You Not Do?

WEBphysiology takes our sparkling reputation seriously and will take any action that is necessary to guard this. As such, please make certain you act in a manner that will not negatively impact how we are perceived and, in return, we will do the same.

  • You may not place our affiliate links on any site that contains illegal material or adult content or any other content that would be classified as inappropriate by the majority of web visitors. If you would classify a site’s content as generally containing material that would be rated "R" or higher, then this is a site that would not pass the "appropriateness" test.
  • You may not include affiliate links in any email blasts generated from purchased email lists or lists built of contacts that you do not know, unless they directly opted in to such an email.
  • You may not include affiliate links in any email that remotely would be considered spam.
  • You may not include affiliate links in any comments that you place on websites that you do not own.
  • You may not include affiliate links in any content that you write (e.g., posts, articles) for a website that you do not own without the prior consent of the site’s owner(s).
  • You may not utilize the Affiliate Program to earn commissions on any business between you and WEBphysiology, that is, don’t expect to click one of your affiliate links and place an order or have us work on a project and expect to earn a 10% commission. If we find that you do this directly, or through an overt method, we will remove you from our Affiliate Program and will not pay out such commissions or will ask for a return of any commissions paid.
  • You may not include affiliate links in social network tools if such use would be considered spam or result in a breach of use of that network’s terms.
  • You may not utilize any affiliate link, or reference to WEBphysiology, that would be taken as an endorsement of you, your product, your service, your website or any other creatives related to you or your organization.

WEBphysiology (aka, JVHM, Inc.) has sole discretion as to whether we consider your placement of an affiliate link to be inappropriate. If we deem that you have crossed the line then we will immediately remove you from our Affiliate Program and will not pay you commissions on referrals that were inappropriately referred. If you are not certain whether you are using an affiliate link in an appropriate manner, then chances are it is inappropriate. However, you are more than welcome to ask us first if you are uncertain.

When Do I Get Paid?

We make payments for a given month within 7 days of the end of that month. For example, we will make a payment by April 7 for revenue from March referrals.

Commission from a referral is earned when payment from the referrer is made. Provided the revenue is related to an order or project initiated within the 60 day window, you will be paid commission once the client makes payment to us. For example, if a visitor is referred to us on March 1 and they then contact us, via our website Contact form on April 15, and this results in a project and a payment made to us on June 5, we will process a payment to you by July 7.

Payments will only be made after at least $50 in commissions have been earned. If you drop out of the Affiliate Program you may request a payment if your comission is lower than $50 but at least $20. These commission payments will be made within 90 days of request. Any commissions earned that amount to $20 or less will be forfeited if you drop out of the Affiliate Program or are otherwise removed from the Program.

Commissions will NOT be paid for any inappropriate referral, such as a commission earned as the result of using an affiliate link to place your own order. The determination of what constitutes an inappropriate referral is at the total discretion of WEBphysiology.com (aka, JVHM, Inc.).

Payments will be made to your PayPal account if you have provided us with a valid PayPal email address. Otherwise, if you provide us with a physical mailing address a check will be sent to you. If we have neither, we will hold your payment until such information is added to your Affiliate profile.

Commissions will be reversed for any action (i.e., order return) that results in a refund of monies to a client that is associated with a commission payment.

If you amass more than $400 in commissions during a given calendar year you will need to send us a signed W-9 form prior to us making payment.

Email Opt-In

By signing up for the WEBphysiology Affiliate Program you give us authority to do the following:

  • Send you Affiliate related emails. As long as you are in the Affiliate Program you understand that you may receive emails that are specific to the Affiliate Program or your Affiliate account and that the only way to opt out of these emails is to leave the Program.
  • Add you to our monthly WEBphysiology Newsletter. You may, however, opt out of the newsletter using links made available on the newsletter.

You Are Responsible for Yourself

WEBphysiology is not responsible for any actions that you take that results in any negative action by another party against you or as a result of your direct or indirect actions.

For questions not covered by these Terms and Conditions, simply use our site’s contact form or give us a call. We thank you for signing up for our Affiliate Program and hope that we will be paying you a lot of commissions.

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