Website Design and Development

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WEBphysiology can help you design a new website for your organization or update an existing website. Our design methodology is to utilize the WordPress publishing platform. WordPress is the leader in open source web publishing software. They also follow web standards and have built their product in such a way that theme design and code modules can be packaged and shared. This allows new functionality to be added in a much more cost effective manner.

Given that WordPress is the engine that we tend to use when developing a website, it means that the delivered site is more easy to manage by the client if they so desire. It also means that one of the best SEO tools, blogging, is available as it is an integral part of the WordPress product. In fact, WordPress was first built on the premise of just being a blogging engine but has evolved into much more. So, even if a blog is not a component of your site, WordPress is still a solid CMS development framework.

WEBphysiology offers many flavors of website development. All follow W3C standards and incorporate SEO techniques. Offerings range from basic designs utilizing off-the-shelf WordPress themes to creating a custom theme that accurately reflects your image. Deliverables are broken down to allow a client to decide on what part of their web strategy they want to take on and what they’d prefer to leave in our hands. It also allows for a phased approach to designing your overall web strategy. Contact us to find out more.

Website Troubleshooting and Support

Need help troubleshooting an issue that has cropped up or wanting to do something on your own but need a little guidance? We believe in supporting our client’s needs, whatever they may be. We also are all about empowering our clients when they want to take more of a role in managing their website. This said, we also are not shy about explaining when certain tasks should be left up to those with more technical abilities.

If you don’t see a service listed on our site, ask us. Chances are we can help or provide a resource that can.

Website Design, Development and Support is Close at Hand

Just drop us a note for more information or to get started on a web design and development project today. We’re always here to lend a hand.

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