Monthly Maintenance and Support

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Are you like a lot of organizations where you don’t have the resources, and perhaps the skills, to ensure that your website is going to remain running in a stable and secure fashion? Are you on the latest release of WordPress and all of the installed plugins? Or perhaps you don’t even know as you had a company build your site and they aren’t around anymore or don’t offer ongoing support. Well, you’re not alone. WEBphysiology saw the need and has stepped forward with a solution just for you.

WEBphysiology provides an ongoing maintenance and support package for WordPress powered websites that will ensure that your site is running the latest software, is being regularly backed up and is monitored so that you know when your site becomes unavailable before you hear it from someone else. The following is the standard maintenance support package that we offer:

Service Schedule
1 Ad Hoc Plan consists of one manually run backup that will be stored for six months in a private Amazon S3 bucket. All other plans will consist of daily backups to a private Amazon S3 bucket.
2 For non-Ad Hoc Plans, provisions will be made to update software sooner if a critical patch is released.
3 This maintenance plan consists of only notifying you if your site becomes unresponsive. if you would like us to work with your hosting provider in these situations that would be handled on a T&M basis.
Daily Backups – Store a rolling month’s worth of daily back-up’s with monthly archives held for one year1 daily
Verify that the automated backup routine is running and maintaining backup files as expected monthly

Update WordPress Core software monthly2
Update WordPress Plugins monthly2
Verify site stability after any updates as needed
Monitor site home page every 5 minutes and notify client after 2 failures3 every 5 minutes, 24/7
Online access to site monitoring statistics on demand

What does this all cost? We have established pricing for those who want to have a regular monthly maintenance plan and one for those who just want to call us to run maintenance on an ad hoc basis. Here’s how this works:

Ad Hoc Maintenance Request
One Time Setup – $165 / site1
One Time Maintenance – $109 / site

Six Month Contract
One Time Setup – $135 / site
Monthly Maintenance – $594 / site

Annual Contract
One Time Setup – $100 / site
Monthly Maintenance – $1,068 / site

1Setup fee includes standard setup plus monitoring alerts for 6 months with no online monitoring statistics access

To see the complete contract terms just shoot us a note and ask us for a copy of the actual maintenance contract. If you are considering signing up for this service, then let us know the following details too and we’ll send you a contract that is ready for signing:

  • Name of organization
  • Address of organization
  • Phone number of organization
  • Agreement Term you are considering (i.e., ad hoc, 6 months, annual)
  • Name of authorized signor
  • Name and email for up to two contacts who will get monitoring alerts
  • Site domain(s) to be monitored

Please note that this maintenance and support service is provided for sites that are not currently experiencing any issues. If your site is having problems then we can first work with you to get your site running properly and then start a maintenance program that will ensure it stays that way.

If you would like to order now, then use the appropriate buy now button below, which will take you to PayPal to make a payment. Please include the above details and we will follow-up with the maintenance agreement and other information needed to get you rolling. If you are already on a six month or annual maintenance plan, you will be notified one month prior to the plan’s expiration so that you may renew.

Ad Hoc Pricing

6 Month Contract Pricing

Annual Contract Pricing

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