Website Maintenance and Support

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At WEBphysiology we believe that building out a great website is only the first part of the process. Another very important task is the ongoing maintenance of your investment. This is critical to ensuring that the excellent user experience that was designed into your website does not degrade over time. This means that the site needs to keep running at its optimum and that its availability is very high. It also is crucial to ensure that software used to develop your site is kept up-to-date as there are those who will exploit sites that do not upgrade to the current versions of the various bits of software used to bring about the online access to your organization.

To ensure all of these necessary tasks are taken care of, WEBphysiology provides the following monthly maintenance support features wrapped up into one great package:

Initial Configuration

  • Setup an automated backup routine that covers for both the database and the file system
  • Setup external monitoring of your website

Ongoing Support Services

  • Notify specified contacts of any site outages and work to restore sites to full functionality
  • Verify that backups are being successfully executed
  • Maintain daily backups for a month and monthly archives for one year
  • Update WordPress core software on a monthly basis
  • Update WordPress plugins on a monthly basis
  • Verify continued stability and functionality
  • Provide monthly monitoring reports

You’ve invested in your website to help provide access to your organization online via a flawless, efficient user interface. Like your automobile, you need to ensure that you service and maintain your website on a regular schedule. WEBphysiology is here to ensure that this happens in the most painless way possible.

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Contact WEBphysiology today to ensure that your website retains its new site smell.

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